Upfront Pricing


Great for Quick Questions

Standard Package Includes:

  • Pay as You Go
  • Minutes Never Expire
  • Consult with Colorado Attorney
  • Practical Divorce Advice
  • On Demand Help


Optimal for Extended Assistance

Classic Package Includes:

  • One-hour of Legal Advice
  • Minutes Valid for 30 Days
  • Consult with Colorado Attorney
  • On Demand Help
  • Practical Divorce Advice
  • Flat Fee
  • 5% Off Non-Hotline Matters


Ideal for Ongoing Divorce Support

Unlimited Package Includes:

  • Unlimited Divorce Guidance
  • Plan Valid for 30 Days
  • Flat Fee
  • Strategic Divorce Advice
  • Consult with Colorado Attorney
  • On Demand Help
  • 10% Off Non-Hotline Matters

What is the Colorado Divorce Hotline?

When you contact the Colorado Divorce Hotline you will
connect with a licensed Colorado family law attorney who is
ready to provide support over the phone for your divorce.

Cost-Effective. Personalized.

This affordable, on-demand service allows you to customize your level of divorce assistance. Whether you're considering divorce, in the midst of it, or have another family law matter, our licensed hotline attorneys can meet your needs.

People use the Colorado Divorce Hotline for varying degrees of guidance. For some, it's a one-time resource. For others, it's an ongoing legal support system for the duration of their divorce.

This economical service lets you decide what level of assistance you want.

No Surprise Charges.

Because you're in control of what you spend, you won't be startled by unexpected, outrageous legal bills. Our pricing is fair and straightforward.

You will never owe more than you initially agree to pay.

Our hotline lawyers do not:

  • Complete divorce paperwork for you
  • Represent you in court or mediation
  • Negotiate with the other party

How the Serivce Works:

When you choose a package, call time is added to your account. You can monitor the number of minutes and days remaining on your plan on your client account page.

As you speak with your attorney, time is automatically deducted from your account. You won't get bills in the mail or see charges on your phone bill

Going through a divorce is stressful enough. We want to ensure your experience with Colorado Divorce Hotline is worry-free so you can focus on what's important to you.

The Colorado Divorce Hotline

Is it right for you?

  • You plan to represent yourself in your divorce.

  • You anticipate an uncomplicated divorce.

  • You can fill out documents and meet deadlines.

  • You can negotiate divorce terms on your behalf.

  • You need information about the divorce process.

  • You desire a strategy to improve your outcome.

  • You prefer flexible and on-demand legal help.

  • You are in search of affordable legal advice.

  • You want a trusted lawyer for unexpected issues.

  • You want full representation if things become unmanageable.
Probably Not.
  • Your spouse has hired an attorney.

  • You have a highly-contentious divorce.

  • Your spouse is violent, abusive, or threatening.

  • You expect your divorce to go to trial.

  • You want someone to negotiate for you.

  • You do not want to fill out paperwork.

  • You have trouble meeting deadlines.

  • You live out-of-state and can't file for yourself.


Advantage of Attorney-Client Privilege

Going through a divorce is stressful. Your trust may be broken. But when you seek advice from the Colorado Divorce Hotline you will enjoy full attorney-client privilege. That means the information you share with our lawyers is protected.

No Conflicts of Interest

In addition to confidentiality, our family lawyers will ensure there are no conflicts of interest. We will only give you advice. If your spouse calls our hotline, and we're already assisting you, we will decline to provide help. We are loyal to you.

Receive Actual Legal Advice

At the Colorado Divorce Hotline you receive actual legal advice. Anyone can recite legal information. Only an attorney can give you legal advice. Our lawyers will evaluate your question or issue and give you a professional legal opinion or course of action.

Walk You through Divorce Process

The Colorado Divorce Hotline attorneys are here to help you streamline the complex process of dissolving your marriage based on your unique case. If the time comes, they can help you prepare for and know what to expect at mediation and at trial.

Get Complicated Laws Clarified

Family law is complex. If you're divorcing on your own, you need to get it right. Our lawyers can shed light on the law to help you avoid costly mistakes. Our experienced divorce attorneys know the laws and all the exceptions to them.

Assistance with Document Preparation

Divorce is stressful. So it's easy to become overwhelmed when you begin to fill out all the necessary paperwork. Our family law hotline can provide guidance as you fill out the documents. Let our lawyers ensure your goals are properly outlined in the forms.

Learn Your Legal Rights

It can be easy to want to rush a divorce. It's best to slow down and find out what your rights are during the process and after the papers are signed. Improve your chances of a more favorable outcome and a hopeful future.

Build a Relationship with an Attorney

Many couples set out to divorce without an attorney. They may believe their situation is amicable, and they want to save money. But circumstances can become contentious. If you find you need representation, you'll have an attorney you can trust with your case.